Athens-Limestone Public Library

Athens-Limestone Public Library

22 Books in 2022

What is this challenge?

Starting on January 1st, 2022 and going through December 31st, 2022, the library will be issuing a reading challenge through our library service called Beanstack. Using this service, the community will be able to log their reading journey throughout the year earning fun digital badges along the way. Once 22 books have been logged for the year, a completion badge is earned. The completion badge will enter you to win a $100 gift card in a drawing that will be held on January 6th, 2023. The goal of this challenge is to encourage our community to read more this year!

How to participate?

This challenge is for all ages. In order to sign up for this challenge, you will need to use our library service called Beanstack.

If you are unfamiliar with Beanstack, please click the image below to learn more about it. You will learn how to start an account, register for challenges, and begin using Beanstack to log your books. Once on Beanstack, you will need to start an account if you haven’t made one yet. After, you will be able to register for the 22 Books in 2022 challenge.