Programs & Services

Our programs include many longtime favorites created for specific ages and interest groups, and we’re constantly drumming up new ones. Services include a wide range of access to and assistance with resources at the library, such as classes in our computer lab, quiet study spaces, and even test-taking with a proctor. Click the links below for details on our programs.


Your resources at the library

From researching your family’s history to retiring a worn flag, we have a wide range of resources to help. Click the services list to find more information.

Whether you’re well into researching your family’s history or looking for a great place to begin that fascinating journey, the library is the place. We have a vast selection of resources to aid genealogical research, including the U.S. Census and other public records. Our Shelby Southard History Room collection also includes books and other resources to learn about local and state history.
Computer Lab & Classes

The library offers free internet usage and access to Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) and other common apps.

To access the computers, you must have either a library card or a guest pass from the circulation desk. To receive a guest pass, you must show a government-issued picture ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) Click here if you’re interested in getting a library card.

  • Computer usage is limited to 3 hours per day unless computers aren’t all in use. Please speak to staff beforehand to make special arrangements if more extended periods are needed for test taking, etc.
  • Printing costs per page are 20 cents for black & white and 50 cents for color.
  • Library computers do not have speakers. To hear sounds, patrons must bring headphones or earbuds, or they can purchase earbuds for $1 at the circulation desk. Children’s computers have headphones available. Library staff will offer computer assistance to patrons if needed. By library policy, they cannot complete online forms, medical forms, job applications, etc., for patrons. However, staff can provide assistance to get to necessary documents, etc.
  • Join us at the library for hands-on training to learn how to use a computer. We’ll start at the beginning and cover everything from how to turn on your machine to how to access the internet.

Check out our Calendar for classes!

If you want more information or to register to attend a class, call us at 256-232-1233.

Study Rooms

The library has five study rooms with seating for two to four people available on a first-come-first-served basis. However, you may reserve a space for a small fee.

More information on study rooms and how to reserve one can be found here.

Free Wifi

The library offers free Wi-Fi for your laptop or mobile device; no library card or guest pass is needed. Ask for the password at the library!

Fax Services

The Library offers fax services, both sending and receiving. The cost is $1.00 per page. Talk to library staff for assistance with fax services. Our fax number is 256-232-1250.

Please read our complete Computer Use Policy here.

Tours and Speakers

Tours of the library are available for interested groups. Please see our Plan a Visit page to schedule a date and time. Library staff members are always available to speak to your group or organization about the library. Please call 256-232-1233 to schedule a speaker.

Notary Public Services

The Athens-Limestone County Public Library offers notary public services at $3 per document notarized.

To make the notary transaction as efficient as possible, bring all required documentation, identification, involved parties, and witnesses to the appointment. Do not sign documents in advance, as the notary must witness all signatures.

Notary services are generally available during the following days and times. We encourage you to call ahead at 256-232-1233 to ensure availability or to schedule an appointment.

  • Monday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Thursday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Proctor Services

Library staff will proctor tests and exams by advance appointment only. Testing times are available during open library hours and only as staffing permits. Please call the library at 256-232-1233 to check our availability. Fees must be paid when the appointment is scheduled, and the fee structure is detailed below.

Level 1

Exams that require only ID checks, test returns, and minimal supervision. Staff Proctor fee: $20 for the first hour plus $10 for each additional hour. Degreed Proctor (when proctor must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher) fee: $30 for the first hour plus $15 for each additional hour.

Level II

Exams that involve monitoring time limits, more than minimal supervision, or additional tasks on the part of the proctor.

Standard fees (above) plus a surcharge of $5 to $15 per hour, depending on the work involved.

Flag Disposal

Have a flag that’s getting worn? Please place it in the flag retirement box outside the library. Boy Scout Troop 240 will collect it for reverent and dignified disposal by volunteers.

Our flag disposal box was designed, built, and installed by Guy Greenhaw as part of his Eagle Scout Project. 

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