Athens-Limestone Public Library

Athens-Limestone Public Library

Loan Policies

Item limits & overdue fines

  • The first time a patron uses their library card to check out physical materials (books, DVDs, etc.) they can check out two (2) items.
  • After a patron returns their first two items, their account will be updated. They can then check out up to twenty-five (25) items at once, but will still be limited to the check-out limit for each type of item. (e.g. A patron can check out twenty-five items at once, but only five of those can be DVDs.) Check-out limits for each item type are in the chart below.
  • The library reserves the right to further limit the amount of items a patron can check out in cases of fines or missing items.
  • Patrons can also check out up to ten (10) digital items (ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, etc.) from Camellia Net.
  • Checking out digital items doesn’t affect how many physical items a patron can check out.
Item typeLoan periodCheck-out limitOverdue fine
(per day)
Maximum fine
(per item)
Book3 weeks250.35¢$10.00
Audiobook (including Playaway Audio)3 week5$1.00$15.00
DVD1 week5$1.00$15.00
Music CD3 weeks5 0.35¢ $15.00
Book-and-CD kit3 weeks5$1.00$15.00
Playaway Video3 weeks5$1.00$15.00
Launchpad tablet1 week2$1.00$15.00
Board game1 week2$1.00$15.00
Magazine1 week2 0.35¢ $5.00

Book loan policies

  • Some books (mainly test prep guides) require a $10.00 deposit before they can be checked out. When the book is returned in good condition, the patron can request this deposit back or it can be kept on their account for future loans.

DVD loan policies

  • Juvenile and young adult patrons are unable to check movies that are rated R. Otherwise, the library does not restrict any card holder from checking out any DVD due to age, origin, background, or views.
  • Although our reference staff is happy to provide suggestions and guidance, it is the responsibility of the patron to judge the suitability of material for home viewing.
  • Some DVDs require a $5.00 deposit before they can be checked out. When the DVD is returned in good condition, the patron can request this deposit back or it can be kept on their account for future loans.
  • When returning DVDs, please bring them to the circulation desk or put them in the designated media drop outside.
  • If a DVD is returned to the book drop and suffers damage, the patron will be responsible and possibly charged. 
  • Duplication, reproduction, public performance, or commercial use is prohibited.

Item renewal policies

  • All items may be renewed three (3) times, provided another patron has not put a hold on it and as long as there are no outstanding fines on your account.
  • As a courtesy to our patrons, the library will automatically renew items if possible, as well as send text messages and/or emails reminding patrons of items that will be due soon. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the patron to ensure items have been renewed. Call the library (256-232-1233) or check your account online to ensure items have renewed.
  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and/or check your spam filter to make sure you’re getting reminders on soon-to-be-due items.

Item reserve policies (Holds)

  • Items can be put on hold through our online catalog or at the reference desk.
  • You can place up to ten (10) items on hold per library card, but only two (2) easy readers.
  • You will be notified by phone, email, or text when the book becomes available. Please make sure all contact preferences are up-to-date.
  • Once you are contacted about your hold item, you will have one (1) week to pick it up.
  • Items must be checked out on the same library card that was used to reserve it.

Inter-library loans

  • If our library doesn’t have an item, we can often borrow it from another library for you.
  • A minimum fee of $10.00 must be paid upon making an ILL request. This fee covers the costs of shipping the requested material between libraries.
  • If the items cannot be found at another library, the fee will be refunded.
  • For more questions about inter-library loan, speak to our reference staff, or email Whitney at

Launchpad tablet loan policies

  • Our Launchpad tablets come pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free learning apps for pre-K through fifth grade.
  • A list of available tablets can be found here.
  • Tablets can only be checked-out on an adult account.
  • While tablets don’t require a deposit, please be aware that damage and replacement costs can be significant, up to $225.